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Jenna is a writer who recently moved back home to the St. John Valley to settle down and nurture her roots. She’s a fan of excellent music, homemade gravy, and colored pencils (also, short books and long books, good pens, flannel, and when the June bugs don’t really come out much that year). For more about Jenna, visit her website at

Author Joseph Conrad’s Wife Published a Cookbook

the conrads

Tin House recently published a beautiful illustrated edition of “Heart of Darkness,” a Joseph Conrad novel in the 20th century literary canon. Joseph Conrad, though long passed, is no stranger to publication, and his name has been part of literary conversation for the last 100 years, when his novel Chance thrust him into the mainstream in […]

Other countries have advised that children not consume Allura Red AC, a common US food coloring additive

allura red AC

Also known as FD&C Red. No. 40 Calcium Lake and FD&C Red. No. 40 Aluminum Lake, Allura Red AC is America’s favorite red. It’s the color of so many unreal foods that, for junk foodies like myself, somehow taste like comfort and joy. Sometimes, when I’m eating candy, I imagine I enjoy it so much because […]

Make It Yourself This Thanksgiving: Forget the box and prepare these four dishes from scratch


This might be the year you’re sick of eating food out of a box and are trying to cook more foods from scratch with whole (or mostly whole) ingredients. Forget the box, right? Prior to the explosion of food science in the mid-20th century, home cookers prepared dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, and stuffing […]

Fruits and Veggies to Boost Immune Health: Guest Post

Readers: This is a guest post by David Novak, for your information only. Jenna is paying forward these suggestions and thanks Novak for his contribution to Call Me Old Fashioned. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the natural way to boost your immune system. Good-tasting produce are nature’s way of keeping you healthy, and a […]